Life Journaling- Doing Life Together! (August 6th)

We at New Hope are intentional about developing Christ Centered - Student - Athletes who will Live/Love/Lead like Jesus.  Please join us in following our weekly life journaling blog of "Doing Sports as a TEAM- The New Hope Way" for Christian athletes. (Diagram provided by Pastor Ben Cross of 1st Baptist Church, Eugene, Or)

August 6th: Life Journal

(S)cripture- "Even as he spoke, many believed in him.  To the Jews who had believe him, Jesus said, "if you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples." (John 8:30-31)

(O)bservation- The above passage reminds me that we need to continue to listen and hear Jesus speak into our lives so that we continue to believe, trust and have our faith in him. Also, if we want to continue to live, love and lead like Jesus then we need to read his word on a daily basis so we can be a disciple who makes disciples to go and bring New Hope into the world- especially in the arena of athletics. 

(A)pplication- As Christian athletes, it is important to believe and trust in Him with our God given talents so we can continue to glorify him during our practices and competition.  We need to adhere to Jesus' teaching and apply it in the arena of athletics as disciples of Christ.  This is our great commission as student-athletes at NHCC!

(P)rayer- Dear Lord, Please help all of us continue to believe and trust in you with ALL areas of our lives.  Continue to do works in us through your teaching so that we continue to grow to be the disciples you want us to be as Christian athletes!- Amen. 

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