Welcome Kili’ohu Napuelua-AhYee to NHCC!

College Major? 


Family & Sports Biography (Parent/guardian, siblings, sports played growing up, etc...) 

Father: Andrew AhYee
Mother : Christine AhYee
Older brother : Keaka Napuelua-AhYee
Younger brother: Kanai Napuelua-AhYee

I've played soccer, basketball and volleyball.


Beach and Hiking

Favorite bible verse & why? 

Colossians 3:23 "work willingly at whatever you do as though you was working for the lord rather than for people" this is one of my favorite bible verses because if tells me when we choose to live a life of excellence in god we fully understand and live this scripture.

Why did you decide to attend NHCC over other colleges?    

I will be able to further my volleyball career and academic studies in a familiar place I know and also surrounded by godly people.

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