Date Opponent Time Location Result Stats
10/12 College of Idaho @ EOU 2:00pm Away
10/13 Eastern Oregon University 7:30pm Away
10/20 Walla Walla University 7:00pm Home
10/21 Walla Walla University 3:00pm Home
10/26 Corban tournament 7:00pm Away
10/27 Corban Tournament 3:00pm Away
10/30 Southern Oregon University 7:00pm Home
11/2 Oregon Institue of Technology 7:00pm Home
11/6 Northwest Christian University 7:00pm Home
11/7 Multnomah University 7:00pm Home
11/9 Lewis & Clark State College Tournament TBD Away
11/10 Lewis & Clark State College Tournament TBD Away
11/16 OIT Tournament (SOU) 3:00pm Away
11/17 OIT Tournament (OIT) 7:30pm Away
11/29 Lane CC 7:00pm Home
12/3 Corban University 7:00pm Home
12/7 Northwest Christian University 7:00pm Away
12/8 Linfield 5:00pm Away
12/14 *Yellowstone Christian College 7:00pm Home
12/15 *Yellowstone Christian College 1:00pm Home
12/17 Humboldt State University 7:00pm Away
1/8 Warner Pacific University TBD Away
1/12 *Portland Bible College 7:00pm Away
1/17 *University of St. Katherine TBD Away
1/18 *West Coast Baptist 6:00pm Away
1/20 *Bethesda 7:00pm Away
2/2 *Portland Bible College 7:00pm Home
2/5 *Bethesda 7:00pm Home
2/9 *West Coast Baptist (Sr. Night) 7:00pm Home
2/14 *PCAC Conference Tournament- 3 days TBD Away