Mission & Values

Developing spiritual leaders through athletics

Mission Statement

NHCC athletic department exists to disciple emerging Christian athletes of excellence by developing their theology, athletic skills, and character in order to lead as exemplary ambassadors for Christ.



To follow God's game plan for our life (Jer. 29:11) with the gifts, talents and passions He has given us in athletics along with developing sport specific skills, healthy relationships and creating positive, fun life experiences by serving others as followers of "Christ"

Core Covenants

1. Reading & applying God’s word 2. Spiritual growth and understanding 3. Living & playing for an audience of ONE 4. Discipleship & saving souls


"To Live Exceptionally"

"Stacking" Biblical Values/Priorities

1. Faith/Christ follower 2. Family- immediate & extended 3. School/career 4. Sports/coach 5. Interests/hobbies/friends